Vincenc Priessnitz (1799�1851) native of Gr�fenberg, a founder of spa (he treated by cold spring water, he also used a work therapy) � 200th anniversary of birthday
Fugger family from Augsburg enterprising family from 16th century.
Nikolaj Vasilievic Gogol (1809�1852) native of Ukraina, world-known writer, he stay at Gr�fenberg spa for treatment
Reginald Kneifel (1761�1828) specialist in pedagogy, natural scientist, native of Doln� Lipov�
Bernard Kutzer (1794�1864) native of Doln� �dol� u Zlat�ch Hor, woodcarver, sculptor, painter
Josef Neugebauer (1850�1926) native of Doln� Lipov�, parson
Josef Obeth (1874�1961) native of Terez�n u Mikulovic, sculptor, creator of Vincenc Priessnitz Memorial
Philo vom Walde (Jan Reinelt) (1858�1905) native of Golu�ovice u Hlub�ic, poet, philosopher
Josef Reinhold (1885�1947) native of Ukraina, medical man and senior consultant, he managed Jesen�k Spa 
Josef Schindler (1814�1890) native of Jablonec nad Nisou, a doctor, Jesen�k Spa
Franz Schubert (1797�1828) composer, nativ of Wien, parents issue from Nov� Ves u Zlat�ch Hor
Edmund Weiss (1837-1917) native of Jesen�k, scientist and astrologer
Prof. MUDr. Richard Werner wrongfully practically forgotten native of Jesen�k, a doctor and a leading malignant tumour specialist
Mikulas Wesselenyi (1794�1850) native of Szibo (Hungary), politician and orator
Vitezslav Zeman (1916�1978) native of Havl��k�v Brod, a notable Jesen�k museum custodian 
Adolf Raymann (1799�1883) mayor, founder of textile manufacture 
Vladimir K�rner writer (he located some plots of his works to this region) 
JUDr. Milos Kocka writer, an author of biographical novel about V. Priessnitz �Prameny �iv� vody� (Well-springs of live watter)
PhDr. Rudolf Zuber archivist, writer � an author of many publications about region

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